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Sezona 2014/2015 okresní soutěž

4. 11. 2014

Tabulka okresní soutěž 2014/2015

TJ Sokol Křemže B - TJ Dolní Třebonín B   12:6

TJ Dolní Třebonín B  - KST Český Krumlov  13:5

SC Č. Krumlov B - TJ Dolní Třebonín B  7:11

TJ Dolní Třebonín B  - SK Holubov B 18:0

TJ Soběnov - TJ Dolní Třebonín B 3:15

TJ Benešov nad Černou - Dolní Třebonín B  3:15

TJ Dolní Třebonín B - TJ Spartak Kaplice C  9:9

TJ Spartak Kaplice D - TJ Dolní Třebonín B   8:10

Velešín E - TJ Dolní Třebonín B  3:15

TJ Dolní Třebonín B - Křemže B - 10:8

KST Český Krumlov - TJ Dolní Třebonín B  4:14

TJ Dolní Třebonín B  - SC Český Kumlov B  12:6

SK Holubov B - TJ Dolní Třebonín B - 7:11

TJ Dolní Třebonín B - TJ Soběnov  16:2 




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(AVtah, 12. 11. 2023 6:33)


Training Your Puppy Utilizing Dominant Instincts

(MilfordSnult, 12. 11. 2023 3:53)

Overview of Leader Reactions canine training ideology along with techniques. That they concentrate upon good reinforcement while setting up the owner since pack innovator.

Main Sections:

1. Dominant Instincts Education Approach
-Making use of puppy's all-natural pack behavior to respect owner since head
-Good reinforcement strategies
-Compensate-structured coaching methods
-Knowing canine perception and behaviors
-Customized training programs with regard to each and every dog
2. Obedience Coaching
-Fundamental instructions - remain, continue to be, come, hindfoot, lower
-Lead education for walking adequately
-Curbing jumping, pinching, woofing
-Interpersonal interaction along with other canines along with folks
-Away-leash control

3. Habits Changes
-Addressing issue manners - hostility, stress and anxiety, eating, digging, and so on.
-Rectifying unwanted routines
-Controlling excitable and higher power dogs
-Education for spliting up anxiety

4. Specialized Training
-Service pet planning
-Therapy dog certification
-Defend pet fitness and health
-Recognition as well as tracking skills
-Hunting canine proficiency
-Competition and display training

5. Throughout-Home as well as Pet Coaching
-Private in-home classes
-Evening coaching and kennel applications
-Team instruction in his or her training service
-Twenty-four/Several coach help with regard to ship owners

Bottom line:
-Review of Leader Reactions' experience as well as versatile training providers
-Contact details for evaluating and costs

Allow everyone understand when a person would similar to me to expand or perhaps put a lot more particulars on just about any certain area.

Educating Ones Puppy With Dominant Behavior

(MilfordSnult, 12. 11. 2023 1:39)

Review of Leader Behavior pet training philosophy and techniques. These people emphasis in good motivation whilst creating the particular user as bunch innovator.

Primary Areas:

1. Alpha Instincts Coaching Approach
-Utilizing puppy's all-natural bunch reactions in order to value user because head
-Good motivation techniques
-Incentive-structured education methods
-Understanding canine perception and manners
-Custom made coaching programs regarding each dog
2. Compliance Education
-Basic instructions - remain, keep, come, heel, down
-Teather coaching for jogging correctly
-Controlling getting, nipping, barking
-Interpersonal interaction along with other puppies along with folks
-Away from-leash control

3. Habits Changes
-Coping with issue behaviors - anger, anxiety, eating, digging, etc.
-Rectifying undesirable routines
-Controlling enthusiastic as well as high power dogs
-Education with regard to splitting up nervousness

4. Customized Education
-Assistance canine processing
-Therapy dog certification
-Defend canine conditioning
-Diagnosis as well as following capabilities
-Seeking pet effectiveness
-Opposition along with show training

5. In-Home along with Kennel Training
-Private within-property periods
-Time education as well as pet programs
-Group courses at his or her training facility
-Twenty-four/Several instructor help for companies

Bottom line:
-Introduction of Leader Reactions' experience along with versatile education providers
-Get hold of details for evaluations and charges

Let myself know in the event that a person would like myself to be able to increase or add more information about virtually any certain portion.

Training Your Puppy Together with Leader Behavior

(MilfordSnult, 11. 11. 2023 18:14)

Review of Alpha Instincts pet training thinking along with methods. These people concentrate on positive motivation although setting up the owner as load up leader.

Primary Sections:

1. Leader Instincts Training Method
-Utilizing dog's natural bunch behavior to respect owner because innovator
-Good encouragement strategies
-Reward-dependent coaching techniques
-Knowing puppy mindset as well as manners
-Customized coaching programs with regard to each and every canine
2. Obedience Coaching
-Simple orders - sit, keep, arrive, hindfoot, along
-Leash coaching for strolling correctly
-Checking bouncing, nipping, woofing
-Socializing with some other dogs and people
-Away from-leash handle

3. Habits Modification
-Coping with difficulty habits - anger, anxiety, chewing, burrowing, and so forth.
-Fixing undesirable habits
-Managing excitable as well as high vitality dogs
-Training with regard to splitting up anxiety

4. Customized Coaching
-Assistance dog planning
-Therapies dog accreditation
-Guard canine conditioning
-Detection as well as tracking skills
-Searching for pet proficiency
-Rivals and display training

5. Within-Home and Kennel Training
-Personal within-property classes
-Day education and kennel software
-Team classes in their own coaching facility
-Twenty-four/Several instructor help for boarders

-Review of Alpha Instincts' encounter and adaptable coaching services
-Contact information with regard to evaluations as well as pricing

Let everyone know when an individual would like myself in order to expand or perhaps add far more details upon any certain section.

Educating Your Dog With Dominant Behavior

(MilfordSnult, 11. 11. 2023 14:48)

Introduction of Dominant Reactions dog training thinking and techniques. That they emphasis in constructive reinforcement while creating the proprietor as bunch innovator.

Key Sections:

1. Alpha Behavior Education Method
-Making use of dog's organic load up reactions in order to value user because head
-Good reinforcement methods
-Reward-dependent education methods
-Comprehension puppy perception as well as manners
-Customized coaching programs for each and every dog
2. Compliance Coaching
-Simple commands - take a seat, keep, appear, hindfoot, down
-Lead education regarding strolling properly
-Controlling getting, pinching, too much barking
-Socialization together with some other puppies and individuals
-Off-leash handle

3. Behavior Alteration
-Coping with issue manners - hostility, nervousness, gnawing, searching, and so forth.
-Correcting unsatisfactory practices
-Controlling excitable along with high power dogs
-Training with regard to spliting up stress and anxiety

4. Customized Coaching
-Service dog preparation
-Therapies canine accreditation
-Defend canine health and fitness
-Recognition and tracking abilities
-Hunting dog effectiveness
-Opposition along with display coaching

5. Throughout-Home as well as Kennel Education
-Private throughout-house periods
-Day training along with pet programs
-Party instruction from his or her training service
-Twenty-four/7 trainer help with regard to ship owners

Bottom line:
-Introduction of Leader Reactions' encounter along with multipurpose coaching providers
-Get hold of details with regard to evaluating and pricing

Allow me understand in the event that you would certainly like myself in order to expand or add more details on any particular section.


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The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar

(Andrewsceve, 10. 11. 2023 9:23)

https://etsy.me/3MDQUY2 - Unlocking Your Best Year Yet: The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar ...

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards personal transformation, spiritual growth, and living a life aligned with your higher self? The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar is your passport to an extraordinary year filled with self-discovery, authenticity, and positive change.

In this blog article, we will take you on a tour of the wonderful benefits of using this unique calendar and how it can help you make 2024 your best year yet.

1. Daily Dose of Wisdom and Inspiration

The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar is not your typical day planner. It's a profound source of daily wisdom and inspiration. Each day, you'll find thoughtfully curated quotes and insights based on the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of "The Four Agreements." These quotes will set a positive tone for your day, helping you stay motivated and focused on your personal growth journey.

2. A Tool for Self-Reflection

One of the calendar's key features is its self-reflection prompts. Every month, you'll receive a fresh set of thought-provoking questions and challenges designed to encourage self-inquiry. These prompts allow you to dive deep into your thoughts and feelings, helping you gain clarity and self-awareness.

3. Aligning with Your Higher Self

The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar is based on the four agreements presented by Don Miguel Ruiz:

- Be Impeccable with Your Word: Learn to speak with honesty and integrity, both to yourself and others. This agreement teaches you the power of your words and the importance of keeping your promises.

- Don't Take Anything Personally: Discover the freedom that comes from not being affected by the opinions and actions of others. This agreement encourages emotional resilience and helps you build a stronger sense of self.

- Don't Make Assumptions: Say goodbye to misunderstandings and conflicts by learning to communicate clearly and ask for what you need. This agreement fosters healthier relationships and connections.

- Always Do Your Best: Make a commitment to give your best effort in everything you do. This agreement helps you strive for excellence and maintain balance in your life.

4. Monthly Affirmations

Each month, you'll receive a powerful affirmation related to the monthly agreement. These affirmations are designed to help you integrate the principles into your daily life. They serve as a reminder of your commitment to living authentically and aligning with your higher self.

5. Your Year of Authentic Living

By following the guidance of the Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar, you'll be on a journey towards authentic living. You'll gain insights into your true self, learn how to handle life's challenges with grace, and create meaningful connections with those around you. Your inner wisdom will grow, and your path will be illuminated by the light of self-discovery.

6. Start Anytime

The Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar is designed to be flexible. You can start your transformative journey at any time during the year. Whether you begin on January 1st or in the middle of July, the calendar is here to support you on your path to personal growth.

In summary, the Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar is a powerful tool for anyone seeking a year of personal transformation, spiritual growth, and authentic living. With daily wisdom, self-reflection prompts, and monthly affirmations, it provides a roadmap for aligning with your higher self. If you're ready to make 2024 your best year yet, consider bringing this unique calendar into your life.

Unlock the potential of your higher self and start living your most authentic life with the Higher-Self Alignment 2024 Calendar.


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